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Nieuwe Wassende Graeden Kaert van de Noord Occiaen van Hitland tot inde Straet Davids

Gerard van Keulen
Publication year:
1727 (about)
The biggest and most influential name in the history of Dutch sea-charts was the firm of Van Keulen, founded by Johannes van Keulen, whose earliest collection of charts is reckoned to date from 1680. The business later increased in the hands of his sons and other descendants after his death.
The charts of Van Keulen were published in two collections. This map is from an edition of De Groote Nieuwe Vermeerderde Zee Atlas ofte Water-werelt. The outline of Iceland is based on other Dutch nautical charts. The Western Fiords have turned in to two peninsulas, one pointing west and the other north, and the coastline is rather rough.
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