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Hans Hoffgaard
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The map shows the peninsula of Seltjarnarnes and Kjalarnes, and the off-shore islands in the bay. The lake Tjörnin, the church and various farms are also shown. The trading centre is here named Holmen, while the actual traders‘ buildings are situated on the islet Örfirisey (now part of the mainland to the west of the town centre).
At the bottom of the map a short verse appears which begins with the words: “Paa Holmen Haabet kom aar Sytten Hundrede og fembten …”
Hans Hoffgaard (b. 1678), a sea captain who sailed often to Iceland, drew a map of the country and also of twenty harbours. This is the oldest known map of Reykjavík.
The original is in the Royal Library in Copenhagen but a facsimile is from 1926. Also a copy dating from 1749.

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